Pistol, sword, Hook, my cunning wit…  I don’t think we have what it takes. Emma does.”



Thing I want in White Out: Killian taking off his coat and putting it around Emma after she is saved.



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Stephen Amell on Felicity/Oliver in s3 - SDCC 2014 press room:

We’re still heartbroken over the fake declaration of love..

"Was it fake? I’m glad that viewers who felt like maybe they were faked out, they’re getting their full resolution. Was he telling the truth? Was he lying? You get a full…

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"She’s suddenly trying to try love with Hook. She’s finally trying to figure out how to be a daughter to David and Mary Margaret. She’s trying to be the best kind of mother she can be to Henry. She’s trying to figure out how to maintain a friendship with Regina. There’s all these things going on that are very new circumstances for her that are forcing her out of her comfort zone in every way"

Jennifer Morrison (x)

"Trying to try love."

*me flying into the sun*

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emma & killian together in ‘a tale of two sisters’

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